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The California in Charcoal Everyday Chambray

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We have overhauled Everyday Chambray. All aspects of the shirt have been redesigned to be beautifully weathered. The custom powder-coated metal buttons will chip and age, the fabric will soften, the chain stitch will tie the rope along the seam, and each time you wash and wear it will make you smile.


Texture and weight. High tide and low tide. We custom developed Chambray in 100% organic cotton. Traditional cotton uses 25% of the world's pesticides, while our organic cotton does not use any pesticides. Better shirts, wear responsibly for long distances.

Technical index

7 ounces of 100% organic cotton cloth.
Signature soft casual California collar.
Tailor-made, with high cuffs.
Keep it folds, it looks great.
Sturdy double needle structure.
Tighten the stress point.
Double-button breast pockets.
Double stitched buttons and button holes.
Powder-coated aluminum buttons.
No wrinkles, easy to iron and clean lines.
Wash, then boil to dry.

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